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The Reaper (girlxgirl)
Genre: Sci-Fi
Author: Amarisa162
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"Stella," my voice softened, as her name played on my lips. She tilted her head to the side, as she studied me with curious eyes. But, there was also something else. Her eyes also held fear- the fear of rejection. "Crystal?" I didn't like how she said my name. Not when she had that look in her eyes. "No, Stella. Don't do this. Don't make me feel guilty. Don't make me regret what I'm about to say." "Then don't say it," she suggested, almost falling apart. I felt my heart sinking in my chest at her words. But, I needed to say this. She needed to hear the truth. "First of all, the kiss was amazing." I emphasized the 'amazing'. "And, I didn't want to pull away from you. I really didn't," I admitted. "But there's something about me that you-" "No," She interrupted me, as she shook her head. "Just leave it at that. You liked the kiss. I liked the kiss. Can't we just end the night with a good note. No complications, no revelations. Nothing. If you're wanting to tell me something, though you're afraid of what the outcome might be, if you're afraid that it'll make me think less of you, then please don't burden me with that information. Please, just... just spend the night with me." There was an evident hope in her eyes, as they seemed to stare past mine and to my soul. I curved my lips into a genuine, yet painful smile, as I grabbed her hand in mine, once more. "Okay." ---------- Grim Reaper made fun of death. He laughed at it's sight. He lived for it. However, an agreement had been made, decades ago, between Grim and God-an agreement in which stated that Grim would bring the criminals and the "unholy" to Hell, but leave the good ones for God to bring up to Heaven-yet Grim manipulated and taunted that agreement. As his punishment, he was sent down to Earth in a woman's body. And within Grim's consequence, God had hoped he would learn more about humanity by the most logical way possible, being around them. Highest Ranking: #21

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