A Viscounts Obligation. #10 Historical 2nd Place Lilac Awards #WAPAwards | Soobook
A Viscounts Obligation. #10 Historical 2nd Place Lilac Awards #WAPAwards
Genre: Historical
Author: TraceyStevens8
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2nd Book in my Society's Orphans Series This is a stand alone book, but should be read after "A Duke's Curiosity" In which Viscount Waverley is first introduced. Shannon O'Brien was a beautiful young woman from a once prominant family. Her father, a wealthy merchant from Ireland, had brought his family to England a decade ago. Cheated by his business partner and left for ruin, he takes his own life. Now with both parents gone, it's up to her to provide for her younger brother and sister. So When her brother goes missing, she had no one to turn too but Lord Sutton III, the son of the man that ruined her family, and destroyed their lives. Johnathon Sutton III, Viscount Waverley was quite caught off guard by the fiery young women standing in front of him, asking for his help. He was even more suprised when he realized who she was. It must have taken all her pride to come to him after what his sire had done. Johnathan promised to help her, and made a vow to himself to make it up to her if it took him an eternity. Though looking at the beauty with the fiery red curls, he wouldn't half mind an eternity with her.

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