Dear Mr.CEO {COMPLETED} | Soobook
Genre: Romance (BG BL)
Author: Bubbleland_24
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Oh my god. What is he doing? "Embre." He says my name. I'm still pressed up against him, my breath quickening by the second. "Yes?" I say breathlessly. He places his hand in my hair. "Do you honestly think I give a fuck about what's professional or not?" He asks me. I shake my head this must be a dream I has to be. "Mr. Hal-." I start but he cuts me off. "Landon." I take a deep breath. "L-Landon." I stutter out, knowing he wants to be called his name. He presses me closer if even possible, a sign of approval. "So do you understand what I'm asking you?" He asks again. "I-I don't know." I stutter out again. His hand still in my hair, he pulls it,but not painfully, for me to look at him. His eyes are dark filled with an emotion I don't understand. "Ah Embre." He says, his eyes lock on my full lips. My inner self is chanting Kiss Me!KISS ME! But my inner thoughts are shouting: Don't do it, DON'T. I'm torn between two things I need to make a decision but it doesn't come quick enough. He slowly leans in and everything just seems to disconnect. My eyes flutter close. I can feel his lips hovering over my lips, waiting for something? My approval? I don't know but right when he is about seal his lips with mine I knock interrupts us. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ||Embre Daniels.|| is on the look out for a job but it seems useless at this point, she doesn't think she has much going for herself until she meets him.. her life could change forever. For better or worse. •• ||Landon Hale.|| is a successful billionaire, but nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, his past follows him no matter how hard he tries to get rid of it... he's not sure if he's capable of love until he stumbles upon her.

Table of Contents
Chapter 55
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