Renegades (The Slingers Trilogy, Book 3) | Soobook
Renegades (The Slingers Trilogy, Book 3)
Genre: Sci-Fi
Author: NuffSaid_TheScribe
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(Highest Ranking: 16 in Science Fiction) The thrilling conclusion to the Slingers Trilogy is here! The war between the Resistance and the GDF has finally reached the boiling point, and the crew of the Renegade are caught in the middle. Having been inducted into the Resistance's band of fighters, their mission is to find the remaining Dorado Pieces before the GDF. Nolun is forced to become a soldier under pressure, while Andress, Bunker and Koil are forced to confront the demons from their past. Elicia sets out to exact her vengeance with Dante's help, and Mister Zero has begun to fully realize his newfound destiny. All the while, Morticia uses her new technology to begin her conquest of the galaxy. The battle for all of humankind and the final treasure hunt has begun. This is the sequel to both Slingers and Outlaws, two other books on my profile. Be sure to read those first! Otherwise, enjoy!

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