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Just Kidding
Genre: Urban
Author: LifeofmegXO
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Kyla Daniels did not particularly enjoy her uneventful life to begin with so add the existence of an irritating teenage boy and, well it caused the anger deep within her to boil to a flame. It was known around school that Cooper Rhodes was by far the one to rule every girls heart like it was a simple trick and Kyla won't have any of it... As you would expect, a hate so cruel between the two would end in an undeniable desire. The whole school knew it, but Kyla and Cooper were determined to prove their theories wrong, except how long can they really deny their feelings? Read as the two unlikely allies discover what inseparable friendship truly is and along the way uncovering the deeper truth of sacrifice and affliction as they embark on a wild ride that they never saw coming which eventually leads them to learn that not everything in life is always fair. ________ Mature language and sexual content..and extra feels.

Table of Contents
Chapter 80
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