The Sword God: Live Once Again | Soobook
The Sword God: Live Once Again
Genre: Oriental Legend
Author: Meng Bai
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Feng Ziyue, the one and only Lord of Sword, has broadened the field single-handedly. It is rumored that when he comes from the West with his sword, the whole world is under his feet. Regardless of his achievements in Kendo, he is still forced to be separated from his family. His life is invincible while regretful. He gets a book of oracle in the ultimate myths of Kung Fu, accidentally. And because of this book Communion with Cosmos, he is under the attack of numerous Kongfu masters and is under the danger of being silenced. Surprisingly, he wakes up to discover the clock has ticked back for 30 years and he has become a teenage boy again. Now that there is a chance to make up for everything, he will not miss it. And the peak of Kendo shall breakthrough once again.

Table of Contents
Chapter 44
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