Destined to The Dragon | Soobook
Destined to The Dragon
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Winter_144
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She Wanted Freedom. He Wanted Her. _____________ Olivia Willow lived in one of the five villages of Limrock, under the rule of the selfish Royals and the protection of the cold hearted Fantasy Beast Hunters. She has always despised both with their cruel ways and unforgiving laws. But Olivia bows down with respect to avoid punishment, and only does what she is told to keep herself unnoticed from unwanted attention. But being obedient plays a part in her betrayal and soon discovers that Olivia had been set up in a trap. Now forced to believe what she thought were nothing but fantasies and thrown into a world from the pages of a book, Olivia learns what she really is to the new world. And her first thought is to run. To be free from the destiny and future fate forced her with. Only to be found by the thing she dreaded most, her destined mate, the soon king to be of dragons and fantasy creatures. _____________ Highest ranking in fantasy: #1

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