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Souls for Satan
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Sian-The-Writer
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(BxB) Kaiden, a teen-demon who is titled by the devil himself as his best soul catcher, hunting down untainted angels and extracting their souls to plunge into hell, does anything and everything to keep his master happy. When living a day that seemed like no other, and on a mission which he has performed several times abruptly turns into a moment in which he will never forget, the day Kaiden finds the soul he will always be chasing. What comes to the mind of those who think of hell? Is it a word associated with dark, sinister, and blasphemous actions? Is it a fictional place for sinful souls to be destroyed by the menacing devil? In the human race, such cruelty is captured only through religion, imagination and entertainment. However, there is little information that they know about the world in which they call their home. What would humans do if they found out that hell is more tangible than the thoughts in their very own heads? And demons roam the surface of the earth, every single day. *HIGHEST RANK IN FANTASY: 20*

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