Scorned | Soobook
Genre: Fantasy
Author: CherryQueen55
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Beaten. Banished. Scorned. Broken? They wish. Valentina is the daughter of a wealthy Duchess, raised to be prim, proper and the perfect image of a Lady. Soon, and quite unwillingly, she is thrust into the selection of Ladies vying for the Crown Prince's hand in marriage. Yet the life of being chained to the cruel prince is one Valentina does not want. Instead of gold and jewels and handmaidens, she wishes to be free of her oppressive life in the King's royal court. Every day, Val hides behind a mask of compliance and meekness, hiding her true strong willed and independent nature. Legends of magic, dragons and most of all, freedom, seem to be real in only her imagination and day dreams. Haunted by a pair of piercing, electric blue eyes, she longs to see the world beyond the palace walls. When her mother's wish comes true, and the King announces her betrothal to the Prince, her life spirals into a black hole of despair. Deciding to take her life into her own hands, she plans her escape. When her scheme goes awry, her life takes a turn for the worse. Hitting rock bottom, Val must fight to regain her life, choices and above all, dignity. Perhaps the wild stories of magic are true, but one thing is for sure. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. *Enter a world of kick ass women who don't need a man to save them.* Story started on the 15th of October 2017 | Best Ranking | #153 in Fantasy 09/11/17 #84 in Fantasy 28/11/17 #54 in Fantasy 30/11/17

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Chapter 46
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