Return of the Asuras | Soobook
Return of the Asuras
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Svetaivanova
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The Holy Game is over. Now Nikita has won both respect and support among the children of the gods, but she has come to face an even bigger crisis. After their painful breakup, her beloved princess Amarisa has gone missing without a trace. Nikita believes that Amarisa has been kidnapped by the demons. Her heart is set to bring her back, and she will have to take on another terrifying journey with her avatar friends. In the mean time, the King of Asuras has reincarnated into the world. He threatens to lay waste to the Holy City-the central power of the Gods of Meru. As a Prophesied Child, Nikita must lead the avatars to the battle. If they lose this war, the rise of the demon king will be the end of the whole creation. |Sequel to Daughter of the Naga|

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