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Annabelle's Will
Genre: Historical
Author: LeeleeKez
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Annabelle remembers her slavery. It is of no relevance that Elijah Finley; the man who bought her and took her home with him, treats her with great kindness. It is of no relevance that slavery was abolished years ago. It is of no relevance that she now has a home. Her slavery is a scar that glares at her every night. But in spite of it, Annabelle has come to find solace in the home of Elijah. When tragedy strikes and Elijah suffers many weeks with an illness that eventually leads to death, Annabelle readies herself to vacate the Finley estate, choosing to stay long enough to hand over the property to Henry Finley, Elijah's son, as soon as he arrives from his voyage. What Annabelle is not expecting is being named in Elijah's will. Or worse, being given the full power to dispose of his entire fortune as she wills. * Henry is not surprised by his father's decision to practically disown him and leave him to the mercy of his slave. He should have known to expect this of the man who lied to him his entire life. But Henry is unwilling to accept his father's will. Least of all, Annabelle's will.

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Chapter 49
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