Family With Honour (Book 4)  | Soobook
Family With Honour (Book 4)
Genre: Historical
Author: randomthoughts96
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Lord Bear Usani has dealt with a great many of emotions through his life: happiness, excitement, victory, mischief...loss, sadness, grief, guilt... The latter weigh heavily on his mind. He lost his father at a young age, his younger brother only a few years ago, then the woman he intended to marry only six months ago. His loss swallows him but it is not his biggest enemy. Guilt threatens to take him away from all those that love him. This is one brother whose happily ever after has already abruptly ended. But then he meets her. Neither want love but they may just be able to save each other without it. Can he save her while he destroys himself? (Book Four in the Honour Series)

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