The Martial World | Soobook
The Martial World
Genre: Oriental Legend
Author: New-edition Red Double Happiness
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An abandoned genius struggled to practice and vowed to be the hegemon in the world where the strongest man took all. Lin Ruo, who only intended to practice, went to the ideal site of practicing and wanted to be one of the disciples of this holy site. But Lin Ruo finally became a handyman because a raunchy old guy said that his intelligence was poor. Worse still, Lin Ruo was bullied by women. Lin Ruo tried great efforts to make changes. “Now that my intelligence was so mediocre, I can practice Wu and Dao together. Yu Ling Art can control people’s soul; Poison Arts can make the weak overcome the strong.” He would battle anyone or anything that was an obstacle to him. He believed that “Faber est suae quisque fortuna”. He conquered and killed all the way with clinging mind.

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