History's Greatest Inventor | Soobook
History's Greatest Inventor
Genre: Sci-Fi
Author: QuinNefertari
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Luo Xiyun was born in a household of Scientist and Chemists. His family have always had deep connection with the greatest mind of earth. Born as the Eldest son he was also gifted and blessed with great innovations and endless inventions. But his house have a deep secret that nobody knows. He too had a secret that he won't tell anyone may they be his family or friends. A secret that would lead to the Glorious Era of New Earth. A/N: Warning: This Story is about a Love between Men and Incest. If you find this repulsive then don't read! I repeat if you find this repulsive then Don't Read! You have been warned! PS: This story is extremely fast paced. If you like the slow momentum stories then this isn't for you..

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