The Scarred Viking's Bride | Soobook
The Scarred Viking's Bride
Genre: Historical
Author: Bookworm_Beauty96
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"I am not the monster you may believe I am," He began seriously, his voice soft. "I will not take you against your will. I'd rather have you writhing underneath me and begging me to take you. But trust me, kjæreste, you will be begging me to fuck you soon." The dark vow made me tremble. I pulled away from his presence and attempted to block him from my whirling thoughts. *.*.* The ruthless Jarl of the rumored cold-blooded Dahlsten clan. A young fiery maiden of the southern Haraldsson clan. Two individuals from very different worlds. One night that interlocked their paths forever. Highest Ranking: #1 in Historical Fiction This story will include MATURE content, as it contains sexual scenes, possible trigger scenes and cursing in Norwegian. It is recommended for an older crowd 17 . It is not your typical Viking story, sorry kiddies. This is my first chapter story, so it will not be perfect! Consider yourself warned. Beautiful cover made by @LarissaChesser

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