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The Broken Orphan
Genre: Urban
Author: walkingdead200208
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Evangeline is a troubled girl. Anxiety and panic attacks affect her every day. She's an orphan with a horrible past. Abused by the people she was supposed to trust. Hurt by the ones who were supposed to help her. Little does she know that her worst fears are coming to her school. Will she learn to trust them? Can she trust them? What happens when one of them gains her trust? I would like to thank @Annajamie for letting me use her idea for the backbone of this book. Without her this book would not be here. Go check out her books too. They are amazing and she is a great writer! I also want to thank @mysecretdiary16 for the amazing cover! Thanks so much I love it. Everyone, go check out her account and all the other covers she has made. They are great!

Table of Contents
Chapter 63
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