Beneath the Courage | Soobook
Beneath the Courage
Genre: Fantasy
Author: TheoryKierei
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Book 3 of Beneath the Waves Being left alone for days on end was never something Fri looked forward to. After having just gotten back his one true friend in the world, he thought things might begin to look up. True, he was no longer a captive of sadistic humans and he didn't feel nearly as sick as he had, yet, for some reason, he still couldn't move or swim well. The medicine the human doctor had given him had helped for a short time, but now Fri was stuck on an island, completely dependent on Hice to bring him food, though the mer never stayed after delivering his catch. Determined to find his own remedy, and also the doctor who had helped him in the beginning, Fri decides to try and find him again. He knew that Hice wouldn't like him disappearing, and he might not even make it very far before his body gave out, but he was determined to put his worries behind him and push forward to try and help himself. Being a mer living among humans was something Callem and his brother were finally beginning to get used to. They dressed in clothing, most of the time. They ate without making a mess, sometimes. And they loved their humans, or in Mellac's case, their human's bodies. But when Fri turns up out of the blue, and new, mysterious hunters appear close behind, things begin to spiral out of control, fast.

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