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Steal His Girl
Genre: Romance (BG BL)
Author: Ijustwanttosleeppp
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[#21 in Romance 5/23/17] "Kiss me." He smirked pulling me closer to his chest. "Andrew I have a boyfriend." I nervously reminded him. "I don't care." I stared up at his dark eyes as they intently stared back. "Let go of me." "Why?" I tried to pull away and failed miserably. His grip was just too tight around my waist. "I said let go!" I screamed at him clenching my jaw. My frustration seemed to amuse him. "Stop being such a fucking prude Ash." He chuckled with a smirk. He leaned in closer just inches away from my ear. My heart hammered against my chest when I felt his hot breath on my ear. "I want you." ••• Ashley Freely. That's the girl. The girl that I needed to know. The girl, I couldn't stop thinking about. I knew from that first day that she would be mine. I knew that despite everything in our way, that I'd make her my girl. I knew she wasn't available to me, but I didn't care. Somehow, someway, I'd get her. There was just something that pulled me in. Everything about her intrigued me, and for the first time I knew what I wanted. I wanted her.

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Chapter 91
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