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Final Frontier Online
Genre: Sci-Fi
Author: Epope2322
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I slid the box off of my new VR headset. Everyone and there brother had one of these, but due to my lack of interest and financial problems I had only recently purchased mine. Virtual reality was created by an American company by the name of Reality inc. in the early 2030's. Since the company was quite small and their project was highly classified when the mark 1 hit the market everyone was surprised. It's original purpose was to train troops by immersing them in a world where they can train without using real weapons which can be costly, but the major video game company's saw its potential. Games that would let the player be fully immersed, worlds for pillaging or saving the possibility a were almost endless. In 2037 the very first virtual reality game was released, on the first day alone it sold over 10 million copies, and since it was the norm for games to be Virtual reality. Almost 2 years later the media cooled down until last month when the creators of the soon to be released game Final Frontier online announced that they would have a 10 million dollar reward to the person or guild that completed the game first. So everyone rushed to get a copy in the hopes of winning the reward.

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