Keeping Faith (Book 3 in the Red Valley Series) | Soobook
Keeping Faith (Book 3 in the Red Valley Series)
Genre: Historical
Author: amysturges
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This is book 3 in the Red Valley Series but like the other ones, it can be read by itself. Faith Matthews is a headstrong, independent woman determined to make it on her on in a mans world. She left Charleston to escape the constraints of society, vowing to never to be an obedient wife who is only seen and not heard. Against her brother's wishes, she bought a nearby ranch; but when she finds herself in the middle of a war over water rights, her big brother sends someone to protect her. Cade Jacobs is a hard and calloused hired gun, who's only allegiance is to the highest bidder. Can they work together to save her ranch or when the sparks start flying, will they go up in flames?

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