Kingdom of Dragons (18 only) | Soobook
Kingdom of Dragons (18 only)
Genre: Fantasy
Author: AppleCampbell
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*Do not copy, steal or translate anything from this story without my permission. This story is under copyright, any violation to that will have consequences. "Kingdom of Dragons" is only available on Wattpad. Please let me know if you find this story or something similar to this story on any other platform than Wattpad. Thank you" The world is divided into four kingdoms: The Earth Kingdom, The Sky Kingdom, The Sea Kingdom and a fourth one, that is still unknown. Olivia is the only daughter to Sir Oscar Williams, the famous leader of the Hunters, a human rebellion aiming to clean out everything supernatural from the Earth Kingdom. After getting lost in her first solo mission, Olivia finds herself facing a greater threat than anything she has experienced before. Will the future head huntress survive a kidnapping into the Kingdom where the sky beasts lives? (Warning: Contains mature chapters)

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