Earth II Reign Of Fayala | Soobook
Earth II Reign Of Fayala
Genre: Sci-Fi
Author: Robert_Bennet
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A week on the top 100 list! Highest rank 64. Long ago an ancient race called the Miorpeans used their advanced technology to revitalize a tired and abused Earth. While the terraforming process used by the aliens would create a pristine and unspoiled world it would also eliminate the last remnants of a weary and dying human race. Ironically it was the selfless Intervention of one such alien that would give humanity a second chance to inhabit an environment where all living beings can flourish in ecological harmony. This time however, there will be protector of Earth. Born of human and alien DNA She is the living Earth Goddess who has the resolve and power to insure humanity does not abuse this precious gift. Warning: This story does contain descriptive violence.

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