Ambition of the Galactic Heroes | Soobook
Ambition of the Galactic Heroes
Genre: Sci-Fi
Author: Yu Yun Fei
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In the vast Milky Way, the ancient and remote war is still in an uproar... The 29th century is a period of unrest. Turmoil coming from various federations in the space is frequently breaking out. In the Federation Republic of Tarus, Fei Yun, the commander, has an intelligent brain and is as nimble as a monkey. He follows the order to take the Armory. This is a multi-functional warship, but very dilapidated. Together with the rat of the space - Luke, who is very proud of his romance, and Johnny, an executive officer, who is upright and straight, they are like brothers. What kind of influence can they make among the drifting stars? With bloody and cold killing and devious and deceitful tactics, can the conspiratorial attack of the Carboni Empire completely annihilate the Space Port? One after one war coming along will test the three young men, who have mysterious life experience. The brilliant and resplendent star war is going to uncover its prelude.

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