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The Last She
Genre: Sci-Fi
Author: hjnelson
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A plague has swept over the Earth, killing the majority of the population and every female. Except one. Ara witnessed the horror and destruction, but for the last three years has somehow survived. Now desperation and hunger force Ara out of the mountains and onto a dangerous path; she must return to her home city. Across the flooded downtown and through the gangs of survivors Ara believes there is hope, one small leftover clue, that could save her. But when she is taken captive by a group of men, she must decide where her loyalty truly lies; with humanity or with herself? This is the story of The Last She. TOP TEN MOST READ Book on Wattpad for 2016 - 2016 Watty's Winner - 2016 Fiction Awards *The sequel, THE LAST CITY, is now complete, and is included within this book HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in Sci-Fi Hot Coverart by @MuchMoreMuchier

Table of Contents
Chapter 145
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