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Skysnatched 🕊
Genre: Fantasy
Author: EinatSegal
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The chiefly-female gnome colony is hidden away deep below the surface of the earth. Yet fearless, competent Commander Nyllas loves the sky more than any gnome should. Everything Nyllas ever was is challenged when a mission to the Outside goes horribly wrong and an ancient demon tears her from the earth. She finds herself physically stranded in a hive in the sky among fairies who cannot spill blood without destroying themselves. Then, the bloodthirsty pixies attack and Nyllas, the only killer present, is driven to protect the helpless people among whom she now lives. Small, shy Katijan is Nyllas' sister. More than anything, she wants to find and rescue Nyllas. But what will running out blindly after her into the dangerous Outside achieve? Katijan's true strength - and heart - are put to the test when her nemesis, the attractive and headstrong Lyb, bullies her into joining a mission to retrieve a runaway. This mission places Katijan on Nyllas's trail and she's forced to make a choice between her blossoming feelings for Lyb or rescuing her sister. In a world of crazed wood nymphs, heartbroken dragons, scheming hobs, militant pixies and frolicking fairies, Nyllas and Katijan must each find her own way to navigate the treacherous roads set by Old Mother Fate and the hidden tangles of the heart. And be ready, when their paths finally meet, to stand together in the battle to come. Book cover by @seventhstar

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