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I Will Make You Mine..Again.
Romance (BG BL) 45 Chapters 131 Reads
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#10 in ROMANCE [as of 8 December, 2017] I'm Agustin De Luca. Thousands of people work under me, I can have any thing with just a snap of my finger, I can make and break people with just a blink of my eye. Fascinating right? No, not in the least. Because I don't have one thing, ah, ah let me correct, the only one thing that matters to me for which I can trade all my money, damn I can trade my life for her. l haven't said as much as please to any one in my entire life, but I am ready to beg on my very knees for as long as my Onika wants, if that means she will take me back. She has been the one to always stand by my side, to always have faith in me, to love me for who I am, to show me my place even if that means she has to take my wrath. It has been two years since my princess had left me, or rather I say I made her run for her life when all she did to love me. I will do any thing, or go to any length to have her back. I am loosing my patience, if soon I don't have her in my arms I am gonna burn the whole world to ashes. If only you knew how much I regret what I did, If only you knew..... ................ WARNING: English isn't my first language so there are gonna be loads of mistakes, but the book is under edition. There are some scenes of abuse, so read at your own risk. MATURE CONTENT- Not really sure about that..there are few intimate scenes but nothing that mature. Amazing cover by princesa_mushlimah

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