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Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Sixteen-year old surfer girl, ASHLYN ARCHER, has never leapt tall buildings, or fought a supernatural villain, or - God forbid-donned tights and a cape. All she wants in life is to escape her certifiably crazy grandmother, Zoe, and (literally) surf through life. It's short, after all ... and her parents' death five years earlier is proof of that. But Ashlyn's carefree plans suddenly alter when she's attacked by beings who've been long searching for her. She learns that the stories her grandmother was feeding her-mythology hidden in the pages of comic books-are actually the written record of her own genealogy, and that she's the half-mortal daughter of Joanna Archer, the world's most renowned super-heroine. Which sucks. Because where there are heroes there are also villains, and one group has sworn to kill all emerging young superheroes in order to amass power for themselves. For her own safety, Ashlyn is sent away from her beloved beach, to a place where survival depends on the help of newfound friends, in her acceptance of a supernatural underworld she never knew existed, and in her belief that she, too, is a superhero.

Table of Contents Latest Release: Chapter 76  Chapter 33 (part 2)
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