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The Great Emperor of Holy Devils
Fantasy 11 Chapters 36 Reads
Author:Anonymous  | Translator:soobook
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This is a mysterious magic continent and there are many different races living on it, such as the god, the devil, the human, the evil spirit, the winged man, the dwarf, the orcs and the dragon. Till one day, something shocking all races happens: The Monarch of the Empire of Devil Divine, Youngyo Mediss has raped the princess of gods Lillis Jester who is on traveling and kidnapped her to the Empire of Devil Divine to put her under house arrest. This thing enrages the King of gods Gace Jester. The furious King of gods ignores the principle that gods never align with other races and makes up the “Destroying Devils Alliance” with three empires of the human to attack the Empire of Devil Divine together. In the year of 583 of the Saintron Calendar, the “Massacring Devils War” breaks out. The devils led by the big devil Youngyo Mediss resist desperately aligning with the orcs, but they are defeated by the “Destroying Devils Alliance” out of being outnumbered finally. The big devil dies in battle and the devils are all massacred. The population of the orcs which is 200 thousand before the war decreases to less than 20 thousand and all left descend to be slaves. While the “Destroying Devils Alliance” also pays a painful price: The population of gods has decreased by one third to the original one; the three empires have lost the troops of 700 thousand in total and they are unable to start a war any more; moreover, at the last battle—the battle to siege the big devil in the Devil Divine Hall, only two of the eight paladins of the human are left, and four royal Archmages joining battle are all killed! The King of gods also has lost all his power because of a dying strike of the big devil! The war has ended, although they pay a heavy price, after all, justice has triumphed over evil, and the Allen Continent is in peace temporarily. All races go back to their manor to make provision for recovery. And this “Massacring Devils War” is recorded in the history with glory and widely read by people in the world. Is it a truth? Till one day, a juvenile with silver hair appears…

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