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The Prey Duology
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Book one: Prey "- I'm watching her being murdered again. Wait. Not murdered. Slaughtered. It's important that I never mix the two up." The world is changed. Humans have ruined their world. And now they're ruining themselves . . . Book two: Predator "- this is how I die. Not at the mercy of an Enforcer's gun, walled in by the place where my body was to be butchered for its fat, muscle and organs. My final resting place will not be the stomach of a Consumer, who would believe my death to be a sacrifice, made out of admiration for them. I am to die much differently, and that thought will carry me calmly through my final minutes . . . or seconds." The world is tainted with darkness. Finding out the truth is just the beginning. What will be the price of setting it free? {Featured by Wattpad Science Fiction} (Cover designed by @weirdlysupernatural) *Please note that this version is currently unedited*

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