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The Fire Weaver
Fantasy 8 Chapters 13 Reads
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When the price of vengeance is your own heart... {SEQUEL to "The Water Weaver"} After his village was burnt to nothing but ash, Emrys Glyn swore to kill the woman responsible - at whatever cost. Though he waited six years to exact his vengeance, the chance slipped through his fingers: his heart to blame for the hesitation. Unless he finds a different way to kill the Empress, one which doesn't rely on Inna, his path to vengeance will be lost forever. A new opportunity arises in the form of Captain Meurig, a ruthless pirate who seized the Crimson Cove upon Gwenllian's death. He seeks an artefact to become powerful enough to conquer the seas, and Glyn wants nothing more than to take it for himself. However, gaining Meurig's confidence is no small feat, especially when he is once again forced to choose between his heart and his vengeance.

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