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Go Against My Fate
Oriental Legend 36 Chapters 308 Reads
Author:Just a tiny shrimp  | Translator:soobook
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Having been asleep for 3 years, he is unaware of the changes over time. Loser? No, it’s a genius! The attainment of emperor’s veins by nature, he is as proud as Lucifer. Is he just a mediocre flesh? No, it’s an extraordinary body! Against the whole world, all the fights alone on the battle are just for her. To win man’s dignity on my own! Wuni Practices the immortality, the heaven and earth is honored the uppermost through time. Once the mediocre flesh is enlightened, he’s either turning eternal or going to perish! The moment he becomes the immortal, he is the unparalleled of all ages! Quench the breath power with alien crystal; strengthen the body with spirits and forces! The heaven is ridiculing him while he's arrogantly laughing at the heaven. The immortal body has built up, so the time and space are broken!

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